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Going to court is expensive and time consuming.  Most people find it unaffordable and so are left without effective means of redress or access to justice.

As part of its work CfJ has been researching how ADR, alternative dispute resolution, can help provide redress.  It has found this enables people to bring claims, defend their rights, and resolve their problems, more quickly, constructively and affordably.

Unfortunately, to use ADR at present it is necessary to obtain the agreement of all parties.  CfJ believes this is an unnecessary obstacle to access to justice and everyone should have the right to use ADR, if they find it too difficult to go to court or cannot afford to do so.  CfJ is campaigning for this right and welcomes the support of all those with an interest in improving access to justice and dispute resolution.

If you would like to know more about ADR please go to  "Why ADR".

ADR can deliver the right result for you. With the courts and legal profession encouraging parties to avoid going to court, CfJ argues for the right of parties to choose ADR.

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